Argo Contact Centers is an outsourced customer contact services provider that has operated since 2003. Operating in Maine; Georgia; near-shore; as well as Work@Home, Argo supports a wide variety of clients in numerous industry groups.

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In 2017, Argo was acquired by ITC Capital Partners, a privately held equity firm with a 100-year history, based in West Point, Georgia. The rationale for the acquisition of Argo was based on the assumption that a quality business, like Argo, could be the foundation for effective growth and expansion in the BPO space. Among the key differentiators that support this position is the belief that core values coupled with a business systems approach to the contact center industry, would yield a better level of service, and a greater opportunity to enhance the market position of the customers it serves.

Coincident with the acquisition, Argo augmented its management team with experienced veterans who have held executive positions with industry leaders, as both service providers and buyers of outsourced services. This significant shift in management, together with several other attributes, constitutes the Argo difference.

The New Argo

  • 2003

    Founded Marketing Consultancy, Sales, and Care Services

  • 2009

    Expanded Call
    Center Division

  • 2013

    Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

  • 2015

    Acquired Two Competitors

    Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

  • 2017

    Acquired by ITC Capital & LJMN Holdings

  • 2018

    Argo ITC Rebranding and Expansion


You might ask, “Why Argo?” Perhaps the better question is, “Why not Argo?”

Argo is a boutique-feel service provider with a level of experience that only the biggest players can comfortably offer. The Argo team has been with the largest industry players and has chosen to create a different kind of contact center partner.

Case Studies

  • Cable Industry


    A large cable company operating in the Northeast was experiencing erratic call quality among several of its outsourced contact centers. As a result of this inconsistent level of performance, the client was considering rethinking its outsourcing strategy.

    Inconsistent quality levels and decreasing first call resolution results were the focus of much negative attention and a source of customer complaints and dissatisfaction. The client decided to work closely with one service delivery partner to identify causes and potential solutions to these problems. While the client had provided a reasonably complete training process to its partners, it was determined that not all partners and, in fact, not all contact center locations were following the processes that had been provided. Further analysis showed that even in cases where processes were being adhered to, the desired level of performance could not be ensured.

    A comprehensive review of training steps, lessons, methodologies, and results was conducted. This process took roughly two weeks and provided clear insight into long standing practices that were no longer appropriate because of changing customer practices, knowledge levels, and expectations. By redesigning the training curriculum, and training delivery techniques, an enhanced trying prices was developed and deployed. Tested within one center and refined based on new learnings, the client was able to capitalize on the experience of its outsourced partner and avoid an unnecessary change to a prior decision to outsource.

    The point of this case study is that many long standing practices require rejuvenation and update. If not addressed in a timely fashion, old processes may result in inferior performance. Additionally, by working closely with an established partner, the client was able to avoid unnecessary turmoil. All too often, change is implemented before a thorough understanding of what the problem is and why has been determined. Ineffective partnership with Argo will always include the on going support and analysis necessary to ensure that processes are effective and delivering desired results in the most appropriate and cost effective manner.

  • Telecommunications Client


    A leading provider of Telecommunications services in the US was experiencing considerable growth and decided to utilize a single outsourced service partner to handle creation and operation of all growth. The problems to be solved included not only handling increased call volume, but also maintaining consistently high quality levels, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) while new operations centers were created and significant numbers of new hires were trained and introduced to daily operations.

    In order to maximize the existing work force, total call volumes were analyzed and categorized by call type, average handle time, and first call resolution. By analyzing available data, the operations team was able to reapportion the workforce and develop call handling queues to optimize production time. In addition, a call back strategy was introduced, allowing for some portion of calls, with a client’s agreement, to be handled during times when call volumes were low. Such a strategy allowed for an increase in efficiency, while ensuring that customers who required immediate attention were given the service they required.

    Training time efficiencies were derived through a similar analysis. Where possible total training time for new hires was reduced based on a more focused approach to training which called for training new hires for only particular call types instead of training for all potential inquiries. By reducing training time, the customer not only experienced a reduction in training expense, but also enjoyed improved levels of performance from the new hires.

    By analyzing needs and identifying new ways in which those needs could be met, considerable increases in call volumes were absorbed while experiencing an overall improvement in call handling quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, over 3000 new agents were deployed in newly opened contact centers and in all cases service levels improved.

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

—Theodore Roosevelt


The Argo difference is a proven recipe for success.

This recipe has four fundamental ingredients:

  • Leadership

  • Experience

  • Business Approach

  • Values

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Alone, each of these will not be enough to achieve success in the marketplace. Not for the service provider or for the client.

Leadership sets the tone for the organization. It supports, endorses, encourages, and provides guidance and wisdom.

Experience is what makes us more effective. It is what makes us better, provides learning, and serves as the cornerstone for personal and business growth. It gives us a frame of reference on which to build and improve.

Business Approach is a philosophy and not simply an organizational structure. Results that you can be proud of are based on a balanced approach to our people, our customers, our quality, and our financial performance. Too much attention to any one of these can be a problem. A well-run organization, like Argo, keeps these elements in balance to ensure effective long-term performance.

Values are essentially the way we choose to define ourselves. Our values don’t change with the circumstances. Our values are the constant in our personal and business lives. At Argo, we strive to live our values in everything we do. It is what brings us together, and what keeps us together.


  • Mike Nessler CEO

    Mike Nessler CEO

    Experienced Senior Executive with a background in General Manager/Business Unit Leader roles with extensive experience in Operations, Information Technology, Sales, Business Development, Product Management, Development and Marketing. Deep background in technology, with focus on SaaS/Cloud solutions; telecommunication services (audio, web, video and IP services), BPO (inbound, outbound, and automated service), and ITO (outsourced data center, application and processes). Played leadership roles in North America, EMEA and APAC.

    Mike has been a successful leader in multiple industries and verticals. He has built multiple growth BPO businesses with one that grew from $15M in revenue to $232M in 4 years that generated 2x+ the profitability of industry averages.
    As a senior leader at InterCall, Mike played a key role in the growth of the business from $650M in revenue to $1.3B. Providing global leadership and support of Operations, Product, Product Development, Infrastructure, and BackOffice during most of his tenure. Mike also had accountability for the full P&L in EMEA and APAC for 3 years driving 26% CAGR from a base $89M. He also drastically cut costs of over $42M annually while increasing NPS scores to over 50% in operational and infrastructure roles.

    Over the last 4 years where he owned the full P&L, Mike built a digital media (audio, web, video IP based webcasting) business through acquisition, partnering agreements, product development as well as the go-to-market, marketing capabilities, and operational competencies (NPS over 65%) to enable a business that is on track to drive ~ 20% growth in 2016 with similar planned growth in 2017. Growth has enabled an outstanding level of profitability with EBITDA of over 31% with projected growth in 2017 to 36% in the digital media business.

    Mike is a strong leader with an excellent track record in multiple roles and industries.

  • Lou Jablonski President

    Lou Jablonski President

    Lou Jablonski is a senior independent advisor on the outsourced services industry, and currently is President at LJJ Associates. Lou provides one-on-one coaching and consultative services to executives in need of an honest view on effective Board interaction, personal development, strategic direction, and performance assessment. Lou has also been called upon as an expert witness in the services industry.

    Previously, he was CEO at Conduit (formerly kgb Wholesale, 2009 – 2012), the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and outsourced contact center services operating in the US, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, and the Philippines. Lou has held senior executive positions with Stream Global Services, Teletech Holdings, Convergys, and AT&T, where he spent over 25 years. Lou’s focus is on strategic business direction, effective client management, and business growth/profitability. He has engineered major turnarounds, and architected corporate alliances, including the purchase and sale of businesses ranging in size from $15 million to $750 million.

    Additionally, Lou Jablonski has become a knowledgeable and active player in the not-for profit space. He has served on the Board of Directors of National Industries for the Blind (Alexandria, VA) since 2010, including serving as Chairman of the Board. Further, Lou is a member of the Board of Advisors of the National Kidney Foundation of Greater New York. As a result of his service to these organizations, and others, Lou is often sought for his counsel and assistance in hiring executive talent, developing strategic plans, and identifying candidates for Board service.

  • Mark Veyette CTO

    Mark Veyette CTO

    Mark Veyette created Veyette Insights upon leaving AT&T in July of 2014 shortly after AT&T acquired Cricket Communications. Veyette was the CIO and had just completed a successful transformation of the IT organization when AT&T purchased Cricket.

    As President of Veyette Insights, Mark is now taking his 35 years of experience and helping others as an executive coach and IT executive consultant. Prior to Cricket Communications, Veyette was the CTO at Startek where he reduced the cost structure of the IT organization making the company more profitable but also introduced the industry of BPO to new forms of support including social media as a channel. Previously, Veyette held executive IT positions at T-Mobile, EchoStar (also known as Dish Network), AT&T Broadband, MediaOne, Continental Cable and AT&T. Veyette has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, cable, satellite television and mobile industries. His leadership is well known for delivering results in IT Transformation, Innovation, Software and Service Delivery, Process Improvement Management, Total Quality Management, Operational Optimizations, and Organizational Turnarounds.

    Veyette earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Seton Hall University. He currently resides in the Denver area with his wife. Mark and Donna’s three children are grown and are providing much joy with watching them succeed in life and one fabulous grandchild.

  • Phil Wilson EVP Business Operations

    Phil Wilson EVP Business Operations

    Phil is a senior leader in operations with a strong background in finance. He has extensive experience enhancing the value of financial results, customer satisfaction and employee engagement across the enterprise. He has led large complex customer management servicing solutions, delivering revenue/cost improvements and customer experience excellence. Phil’s prior experience includes leadership positions at West Corporation, Convergys and AT&T.  He received his BS degree in business from Virginia Tech and an MBA from the University of North Florida.

  • Leisa Chastain SPHR, VP Human Resources

    Leisa Chastain SPHR, VP Human Resources

    Leisa is the Vice President of Human Resources for the ITC Capital Partner’s portfolio of companies.  Mrs. Chastain is responsible for directing a strategic leadership team in the areas of performance management, training and organizational development, compliance and diversity, employment and recruitment, and benefits administration, plus numerous mergers and acquisitions.

    Leisa has over 20 years of experience encompassing several start-up and continuing phase companies in both the public and private sectors.  She has held leadership roles with total accountability for all HR functions through strategy and implementation of core competencies within Human Resources to include affirmative action, employee relations, recruitment and retention, leadership development, compensation, and payroll. Mrs. Chastain has vast experience in development and implementation of Affirmative Action Plans for multiple locations and is a certified instructor for Development Dimensions International with additional studies in Labor and Employment Relations.

    Prior to joining ITC Capital Partners, Leisa was Vice President of Human Resources of Synapse Wireless, an M2M technology services company, and previously Director of Human Resources for Knology, Inc., a publicly held broadband services company.

    Leisa maintains an SPHR certification and holds a degree in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University.