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Argo goes above and beyond the call of duty! The Argo team already knows what is needed to get your job done and done right. Providing services in all areas of the business, from inbound call taking, to dedicated back end Customer Service with a smile, Jason and his staff have all aspects of your business covered.  Truly, this is a dedicated, worry free partnership! I would definitely recommend Jason and the Argo team for all, or any of your telemarketing and customer service needs!

— Pasqualina Conte, Manager Live Shopping/Customer Relations, Thane Direct Canada

Argo’s ability to handle complex customer care for our clients makes them a terrific partner for Saddle Creek. Their flexibility and responsiveness is in perfect sync with our whatever it takes approach and drives client satisfaction.

— Jake Vogel, Director New Business Development, Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Since beginning our relationship with Argo, we have evolved into their dedicated agent platform which has allowed us to run the contact center as if it were an extension of our business without the burden of additional costs and headaches such as technology, office furniture, human resource issues, and additional office space.

— Chris Branca, Managing Partner, Enabled Media

Unimed and Argo have had an unbreakable relationship for over a decade! Working in partnership with the amazing team at Argo has been exceptional! The entire team is extremely caring, receptive, and knowledgeable. They truly embody the bold, successful spirit of their intrepid leader Jason. I highly recommend taking advantage of the highly beneficial services that Argo can provide to your business!

— Shaun Dolan, Unimed International Media Director

Argo surpassed our expectations in their ability to provide exceptional customer service while nicely reflecting our culture and brand. They were great partners to have and provided a tremendous service to our viewers.

— Brian Hocker, NBC Boston

I would highly recommend anyone serious about the longevity and profitability of their campaigns to look into a company like Argo. They are an asset to our business operations and we wouldn’t be able to run a profitable campaign without them.

— Chris Branca, Managing Partner, Enabled Media

“Our product line is very high quality, and we initially feared that a third party call center would not represent our brand to the high standard that we strived for. Argo’s company from top to bottom quickly put that fear to bed.”

— Christie Brinkley Beauty