How Customer Service Can Increase Brand Loyalty

How Customer Service Can Increase Brand Loyalty

Written by Caroline Saban, Assistant Business Development Specialist, Argo Contact Centers

In a world where there’s no shortage of competitors, stand out from the crowd with how you make your customers feel when they interact with you. Whether you’re selling a service or a product, what matters is that you provide a superior customer experience every time.

Customer service representatives are often the first point of contact customers have with a brand and, therefore, are essentially the voice of your brand. Whether it’s through a Facebook comment, a phone call, an email exchange, or an online chat, every interaction the customer has with your brand is vital in keeping your customers and losing them. You could be the brand that has a larger advertising budget, has a superior product or service, and generates more sales than your competition; but, poor customer service and unsatisfactory customer experiences could spell disaster. Consumers are more likely to switch brands due to poor customer service while they are more likely to stay loyal if they receive friendly and helpful service.

So, how can you ensure you are providing the customer experience that keeps your customers loyal? Below, we list a few tips to keep your customers happy and loyal through your customer service.

1. Make it easy to communicate with your brand

Imagine yourself in the position of your customers. Do you want to encounter any hassles or obstacles to get in touch with your brand? No. Make it simple and easy. Give your customers the option of connecting with you and your brand through more than just phone or email and give them the ability to communicate with you when it’s convenient for them. If you are not able to be open 24/7, make sure it is clear when customers will be able to reach you. A superior customer experience will give the customer their choice of channel to communicate with you and their choice of when they want to communicate.

2. Ensure your customer service representatives are subject matter experts

Nothing is more frustrating to your customers than when they can’t get an answer. Your customers are reaching out to your brand for a reason and they want their inquiry to be answered quickly and correctly the first time. Having knowledgeable customer service representatives will create confidence and trust in your brand. This, in turn, creates brand loyalty.

3. Treat your customers like individuals, not accounts

Build rapport with your customers and take the time to really listen to why they are contacting your brand. It is important to show that you care and treat them like a person and not a faceless account or number. By putting in the effort to build a relationship with each customer, you are adding value to your brand and creating customers who are loyal to your brand.

4. Have a quick response time

Nowadays, we all expect things to happen in an instant. We like speed and don’t like to wait. Just think about your Internet use. Do you get frustrated when a page takes longer than usual to load? How do you think your customers feel when it takes longer than has come to be expected for a response to be received? You should ensure your customers are serviced promptly, efficiently, and effectively every time. Whether they are waiting on hold to speak with a customer service representative or they sent a tweet, you need to provide timely service. Your customers are taking the time to contact your brand and are expecting a quick response. Give it to them.

When customer interact with you, they are expecting their experience to be easy and to communicate with knowledgeable and helpful individuals who are friendly and who efficiently respond to their inquiries. When they receive exceptional service consistently, they become happy and loyal customers and spread the word, thereby putting your competition somewhere in the field well behind you.

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