Q&A: John Bosaker, The Media Manager

Q&A: John Bosaker, The Media Manager

John R. Bosacker

The Media Manager

Partner, Business Development

Q:What services does The Media Manager provide? 

A: The Media Manager (TMM) is a 100% ROI focused direct response media agency. We don’t “sell” media, we make direct response media strategies WORK for our clients by carefully listening and understanding their business objectives, developing a media blue print in order to meet their goals and to build their business from the ground up.

Q:How and why was The Media Manager formed?

A: TMM’s Principals, Brian Bos and John (JB) Bosacker both worked at a larger media-clearing house for a combined span of 25 years. JB was the Senior Director of Business Development and Brian, Account Manager.

We saw firsthand a real need in the marketplace for a client centric agency that is not beholden to one media or motivated to pitch or sell media inventory just to make media commissions. Also, most media companies lead with their preferred media first, vs. what’s best for a client (prospective client) and their goals /objectives.

Also, clients with big ad budgets and recognized “logos” became a priority vs. partnering with the right amount of clients in order to provide optimal attention and customized services and media strategies.

It was then that we decided to launch The Media Manager, a client facing business that would be committed to the measurable goals of clients. In addition, leading with a true media agnostic approach based on what’s best for clients offer, their demos and their financial objectives. (Objectives first, then the media)

Q:Who are the team members that make up The Media Manager? 

A: In addition to hard working, really smart AE’s and Analytical Managers, TMM’s key Principals are:

Brian Bos

JB Bosacker

Buck Robinson (25 year veteran in the radio media business)

TMM has offices in Rochester and Minneapolis, MN.

Q:What differentiates you from your competitors?

A: The Media Manger:

*An un-bashful attention and focus to a client’s financial objectives (cost per lead, call, customer acquisition, so on.)

*Being commitment to a client’s objectives for the lifetime of TMM’s client relationship

*Media agnostic, TMM will systematically research, plan and develop a media blueprint that is based on goals, not a media channel.

What media channel(s) has the best means to drive results?

*Performed based, meaning if TMM is not generating agreed upon financial objectives, then a client is free to move on

*Media analytics, analyzing media is the backboned of TMM’s business, period! Everyday (not just weekly) The Media Manager’s Team pours through results reporting in order to gain full knowledge of what’s working / not working to each media campaign can be optimized. We hear first hand from our clients that our attention and commitment to results is far beyond other companies they’ve worked with.

*Focus on offline media, TMM is all about offline media and making offline work: print media (newspapers, magazines, insert media), audio media (local, national spot radio, satellite, podcast, Pandora and endorsement radio strategies) and DRTV. (TV)

Q:Out of all of your marketing forms, which do you think is the most effective as far as Radio, TV, and Print?

A: The majority of the clients that we partner with target the Boomer and Senior markets. (Medical devices, home care products, health and wellness, general lead generation, subscription services and higher “ticket” products, etc.)

Because of this focus, we’re finding first had that print and radio media perform well for our clients and their set objectives. Initial testing can be done at a reasonable level, short lead-time, measurable and scalable as well. TMM likes TV media, but we’re careful on how to best optimize TV based the cost to properly test including creative and the fact that TV has become fragmented. We find TV is best once we have a winning offer, positive results generated and maintained through print and/or audio (radio) media. It’s then we can be comfortable moving into TV testing.

Q:How do you think these compare to online marketing? 

A: Online marketing is not an option for a marketer. No matter a company’s offer, product or service, online marketing / having a strong e-commerce presence is critical. This across all facets, websites (and landers), PPC, display, SEO, so on….

Offline media generate a healthy web attribution, but marketers need to understand how to interpret web results from offline media.

TMM has proven web/e-commerce providers that we refer to our active clients directly.

Q:What do you think the future of marketing looks like?

A: Now and into the future, smart marketers need to truly know who their key prospect targets are (from an acquisition perspective) and how to meet them where they’re at. How they consumer their news, content and entertainment and “matching” a company’s offer to those channels. A need to be nimble is critical, knowing that you need more then “one line in the water” to generate the results needed to make direct response marketing sustainable.

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