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We don’t take any chances when it comes to your customers.

The basics

After 15 years of managing and building call centers around the world, we know what does and doesn’t work, and we know that Argo stands out from traditional call center facilities.

Starting directly at the source, every single one of our calls is handled through a dedicated high-bandwidth fiber optic connection, affording us 80 MBPS of voice data. Our VoIP system employs an advanced compressed audio code, making it possible for us to make and receive thousands of simultaneous calls without sacrificing voice quality.

Managed firewall equipment protects our voice and data traffic, which is further dispersed through cutting-edge Cisco QOS Gigabit switches. We equip all of our communicators with the latest computers and quality headsets to ensure we can give  our clients the best in call center and call technology.

Tactical Operations Center

The Tactical Operations Center, or TOC for short, is the command center of Argo, converting our multiple centers into one virtual center and creating a hub to oversee the large workforce all from a single room. While call center managers and team leads are managing the performance of their in-house communicators, the TOC manages the performance of all centers in real-time, 24/7.

Additionally, the TOC manages company-wide scheduling to best support our clients’ anticipated call volume fluctuations. By managing and monitoring performance, metrics, and call volume in real-time, we’re able to stay in command of the data and the overall operations of Argo.

Whether its day or night, the TOC is always staffed to ensure Argo is performing and providing superior service to your customers.

The details

PCI Compliance

Argo’s data entry system is Level 1 PCI compliant. Your customers’ data is secure with Argo.

Reporting and Monitoring

Data, knowledge, and wisdom – we believe this is the lifeblood of your brand, which is why we create detailed, fully customizable reports that are accessible anytime, anywhere on our secure online portal along with real-time metrics, calls, and call recordings. Cultivating transparency between us is a top priority – your goals are our goals!

Every communicator is monitored and reviewed daily to ensure that our objectives are in alignment with those of your campaigns. Because of this, every call we handle meets a high standard that we continuously work to improve.

Skill-Based Routing

Heard a call from a communicator and love it? Great! We’ll place that communicator in priority on your campaign(s). The communicators who get the best results for you and your brand(s) will make your business more successful. We’re here to improve your bottom-line.

Charting Your Course To Success

Climb aboard to see how we can get you there.