Training & Quality

Our greatest strength is our communicators.

It’s through our dedicated workforce that we’re able to consistently provide an exceptional customer experience.


The first point of contact customers have with your company is critical and we take this seriously. Through our professional training, Argo’s communicators are well-versed and proficient, providing customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

Our training program is divided into three primary categories: initial training, campaign specific training, and recurrent training.

The initial training phase streamlines the Argo approach to providing service excellence for all of our partners and each of their customers. In this phase of training, we’re focused on policies and procedures, soft skills development, professional etiquette, empathy, efficiency, sales skills, and systems navigation.

Campaign specific training delves into your brand and what it takes to effectively service your customers and provide a superior customer experience. We collaborate with our partners to deliver campaign specific content focused on the KPIs most critical to you. The result of this phase is that we become seamless brand ambassadors, fully engaged in your unique messaging, company history, policies, and campaign objectives.

Recurrent training occurs on a weekly basis for all of our staff, depending on client feedback, team observations, and campaign schedules. We use this time to address topics, re-calibrate, and introduce important new information; this regularly allotted time is what gives our team competitive edge and ensures that we’re always improving.


Our human efforts are complimented by state-of-the-art telephony equipment, which allows us to stay focused on service objectives while incorporating necessary training and motivation. Finally, our training staff are expertly chosen to ensure that our teams receive only the best training and can easily adhere to our partner-endorsed standards.


Effective training is based on an effective Contact Center Script. Proper planning prevents poor performance, and the script acts as the communicator’s guide through an interaction with your customer, ultimately ending in a successful outcome for you and your customers. Our Client Services team will evaluate your existing scripting (if available) and your ad copy as well as work with our training team and, of course, you to develop a script that works seamlessly with our communicators. We put our years of sales and customer service expertise to work for you and the benefit of your campaign.   


We demand a standard of quality from ourselves that few others could exceed, including our partners; in order to achieve this, we’ve established a Quality Assurance process that includes live monitoring, call recordings, test calls, and partner calibration settings. Calls are reviewed by our dedicated quality control specialists on a daily basis, and we utilize our custom-developed Argo Quality Enhancement system to rapidly identify any negative trends, however minimal, to be corrected through coaching or training.

In the spirit of full transparency and collaboration, we review our findings with you to ensure a consistent grading process. If we identify any opportunities for improvement, remedial training is conducted and adjustments can be made expeditiously. We can also modify our quality assessment scorecards and process to mirror those employed internally for consistency and healthy benchmark comparisons.

We have grown on a yearly basis by prioritizing service excellence, both for our partners as well as their customers. We’re hyper-focused on maintaining and enhancing your brand image. Our communicators are expertly trained to fully appreciate their role as your brand ambassadors. The maturity, experience, and education of Argo’s staff surpasses industry averages and standards because we believe that the profile of our communicators, their training, and our QA efforts are largely responsible for our ability to accurately and effectively represent your brand.

Charting Your Course To Success

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