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ARGO’s E-Commerce customer experience solutions are designed to deliver customized, end-to-end services to positively impact your CX, CSAT/NPS scores and revenues, while reducing overall costs to serve. Our contact center operations provide robust resources across people, processes and technology that reduce costs and deliver lift and expand services to your customers. Most of our clients realize that it’s better not to go it alone when it comes to the expanding demands to serve their customers, distributors and/or retail partners. This is where ARGO can help!

A E-Commerce Partner for Meaningful Results

ARGO helps improve customer experience and your revenues while reducing the overall costs to optimize your business outcomes.

Expertise that delivers impact:

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Why ARGO as Your E-Commerce Partner?

We help our clients improve the customer experience (CX) and business operations.

ARGO can help assess your current customer operations and business needs. We can identify and address gaps to improve your customer experience (CX), back office efficiencies, culture and brand to better serve your customers and win in the marketplace. We then collaborate with you to bring the right people, best practices and innovation that complement your operations and deliver superior results to exceed business goals!


Making it easier for you. The ARGO team offers your organization a breadth of innovative customer management and back office capabilities leveraging our technology and diverse U.S. and global resources, including:

ARGO Partnered Advantages & Capabilities

ARGO employs our deep E-Commerce Experience, custom Business Approach, meaningful Innovation, Transparency and Values to provide measurable business impact to our E-Commerce clients:

Enhanced Customer Experience

ARGO focuses on key metrics of customer experience (CX/NPS), first contact resolution (FCR) and other drivers like revenue per contact or lifetime customer value that enhance every customer engagement with optimal results.

Cost Savings

Typical reductions of 15-40% of fully-loaded costs versus in-house operations, while offering redundancy, technology and continuous improvement approaches for positive overall impact.

Qualified Workforce

ARGO representatives are compliant, well-trained, computer savvy, performance-driven and bilingual in most nearshore operations; U.S. Escalation Desk options are available.

Operational & Compliance Control

You maintain control of the processes, technology, system security and data, allowing you to measure performance in real-time and ensure compliance standards.

Strategic Locations & Infrastructure

U.S., Nearshore and Virtual locations, with innovative, cloud-based platforms & infrastructure.

Care for Brand Value and Loyalty

Many companies can offer outsourced services, but ARGO applies our depth of experience to improve not only each customer experience, but to enhance our clients’ brand perception and loyalty.

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The ARGO team offers deep experience in customer sales, care and product support – having worked with many of the top consumer goods and E-Commerce brands to improve their customer experience. Our service complements your in-house contact center teams with our own, and offers 
3 meaningful values:

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Unparalleled Experience

The depth of E-Commerce industry experience to collaborate craft, deploy and enhance customer experience, expand access and optimize back office operations for more meaningful results.

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Custom Business Approach

Boutique, customized solution design for each client leveraging proven business practices to achieve strategic goals.

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Right Innovation

Beyond the buzz of AI, bots, omnichannel and analytics, ARGO works with our clients to determine the best of technology that elevates the more important human touch for improved customer experience (CX), first contact resolutions, better processes and optimal impact to revenues.

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A promise and construct of open transparency and proactive communication throughout our business relationship.

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Value Through Values

Business is about people. We treat each other, our clients and their customers with compassion, genuine care and high ethics in every interaction; we believe this is a cornerstone to ARGO, to good business and to any good human engagement, every day.

Our Core E-Commerce Services

Certificate of PCI DSS Merchant Compliance; Contact Center Platform is Level 1 PCI Compliant and SOC2 certified; HIPAA Compliance.

ARGO is headquartered in Lewiston, ME. We also have a center in West Point, GA. ARGO’s managed services alliance includes center in Central American, Mexico, Philippines, and across Europe with the ability to invest in new locations in collaboration with client needs.

ARGO has virtual agents across ten (10) U.S. states for flexible hours of service and skillsets. We have built, for all intents and purposes, what can be viewed as a hub and spoke model; Our remote workforce is strategically located within close proximity to our physical U.S. locations to enable one site team meetings, team building, training, etc. We also utilize innovative technologies to conduct meetings, coaching and training sessions virtually. The Work at Home solutions are facilitated with the use of SingleComm’s PCI Cloud ACD and Order Management System. SingleComm’s Level 1 PCI Compliant Platform uses the AWS Worldwide Platform and is accessible anywhere. This platform allows for a small footprint for both PC and networks requirements allowing for great flexibility.

ARGO provides a robust, cloud-based omnichannel contact center platform, SingleComm, as well as other QA, AI and Analytics platforms to support optimal customer management. Our platform(s) are PCI certified and can seamlessly integrate with our clients’ infrastructure, whether its third-party CRM platforms, multi-channel software integration or providing our telephony and scripting with an in-house CRM via virtual private network set ups.

47% of our current client base is in the Retail/eCommerce industry. Many of these are distinctive luxury / lifestyle brands. We understand the critical factors that go into luxury and lifestyle brands and work with our clients to create the culture and customer experience (CX) that reflects each brand. ARGO commits to offer best practices and collaboration to ensure that every client’s unique culture and customer touch is reflected – and where possible, enhanced – to ensure best possible customer experiences and brand loyalty are reinforced and delivered with each contact.

ARGO has met rapid and staged workforce ramps based on client needs. As an example, we led our clients through unexpected business continuity ramps (up and down) due to the current COVID-19 impact. ARGO works with each client on scheduled and unanticipated workforce management plans. The ARGO team provides flexible operational models – dedicated, semi-dedicated and shared – which can be blended to suit our client’s operational objective, hours, call spikes, seasonal needs, growth and budget for optimal results.


We have a seasoned analytical staff that operate our Tactical Operations Center (TOC), executing all functions associated with workforce management. The TOC is the hub for all communication across our contact centers, partners and virtual agents. They are in constant communication real-time with the production floor management to effectively harmonize the alignment of agent staffing/skill to customer call arrival patterns. The basis for the staffing plan is historical call data at the interval-level. Using Erlang-C, call data, any client insight on the customer base or product and market conditions, staffing lines are developed. The staffing plan is engineered to meet/exceed client expectations for Service Level Agreements (ex. Average Speed of answer, Abandonment Rate, Talk time). Using real-time telemetry, the TOC manages variations in call arrival and agent staffing, making the necessary adjustments for forward-looking intervals. In addition to the “play-calling” for the call center team, the TOC is the focal point for any center issues, technology/network failures or outages to ensure timely triage and if needed DRC plans are enacted. The TOC team is unique – they go beyond the mathematical gymnastics of traditional workforce management and focus on the customer experience; ensuring each and every contact is expertly aligned with a qualified agent.


The ARGO team collaborate with each client to develop workforce and forecasting methodologies that optimize staffing, costs per contact and deliver effective customer experiences and results.

Problem Statement

As a result of issues with its existing call center, an online retailer of medical scrubs and equipment first engaged with ARGO in April of 2016 in an effort to improve the overall Customer Experience. ARGO deployed a dedicated agent model, selecting veteran agents who had the skills needed (excellent verbal skills, attention to detail, punctuality and problem solving, etc.) to provide the level of customer support that the clients’ customers expect and deserve. With a such a large customer base, improving the Customer Experience and changing brand perception took some time. Over the first 6 months, we were able to convert negative reviews received via a variety of feedback forums into positive ones. We also introduced the client’s website to our online chat service, offering customers an easier way to contact the company. We currently have a dedicated pool of 30-40 agents handling all customer support and sales functions, including group sales shipping to multiple locations and large corporate orders for hospitals, for this E-Commerce client. With best practices in place, we have positioned the Client to be able to expand sales intake and ensure that each and every customer will be handled with care.


We saw a 300% increase in volume beginning in March 2020 (pandemic related) and ARGO was able to increase staffing quickly, implement trouble shooting scripting, engaged in a large outbound email venture to contact customers in regard to delays in shipping, and worked closely with their fulfillment house to give customers the best experience and quickest turnaround despite the significant demand for the medical supplies.

ARGO delivers flexible and meaningful contact center and back office solutions to our Retail clients with a collaborative and results-oriented approach.