What are your corporate values?

Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage – just like the U.S. Army, of which our CEO is a veteran.

Can we visit the office?

Yes! We encourage all prospective clients as well as existing clients to visit our facilities. We also encourage additional product training and ongoing refresher trainings to be delivered by the client if desired.

Do you provide language capabilities outside of English?

Yes, we offer English as our primary language but also have a robust group of French and Spanish speaking agents.

What is the interview process? What is the agent profile?

We seek individuals who are friendly, positive, and hard working. We conduct phone interviews prior to in-person interviews with members of our Human Resources department followed by a secondary interview by team leaders and agents in-house. We want to determine a skill set fit as well as a cultural fit.

What types of benefits or perks occur at your company?

Happy communicators mean happy customers and we take this extremely seriously. The atmosphere within each center is rooted in trust, quality relationships, and hard work. We host performance-based contests, give cash prizes, other prizes, play games, etc. to keep agents happy and motivated. Employee appreciation days and overall recognition are keys to showing how much we really value our employees and in turn the customers they serve. We understand that our culture is what keeps our employees not only happy but focused around their job as a career vs. a transient environment.

What is the organizational structure of a team?

The ratio between communicators and management is 1:12. Our organizational structure includes a senior team lead and a junior team lead assigned to lead a team of communicators. This structure ensures all of our customer care agents receive the quality attention and training they need to provide exceptional service.

Do you charge more for an account manager?

No, this is all inclusive of how we run and manage our contact center. Your team will be provided with an Account Executive who is a direct point of contact, essentially your eyes and ears. They will work to ensure that we are meeting our collective goals and KPIs as originally established with both organizations. They will also provide you with the Data, Knowledge, and Wisdom needed to run a successful business.

How many communicators will be trained on my campaign? At what point in volume will it increase?

The amount of reps on a campaign is dependent upon volume. If the campaign is 24/7, there would be 25 to 40 agents trained initially. As traffic and volume increases, the number of agents trained will increase accordingly. We will monitor call handling closely throughout the life of campaign to ensure we are staffed adequately. Once you are up to 100+ sales per day, we will look to slowly start adding dedicated agents to increase efficiency for your campaign.

What are your targets and measures of success for your reps on a campaign?

QA Scoring, Process Adherence, and Save Percentage are the main targets for agents. We also use an efficiency metric to make sure they are efficient – talking and not sitting idle. 

How do you assess quality?

Our quality assurance department utilizes a comprehensive scoring system on which a number of metrics are analyzed, including tone of voice, following the call flow process, and overall customer satisfaction. This is conducted via our internal AQE (Argo Quality Enhancement) system which you will have access to via an online dashboard.

How do you coach/provide feedback?

We give feedback to our agents through daily and weekly team meetings, individual 1 on 1 meetings, coaching in real time as needed, and via live test calling on an ongoing basis.

How will you ensure your communicators maintain our brand’s voice and focus?

Our agents are not only fully trained in customer care processes, but are also knowledgeable about your brand. They are representing your brand by communicating 1:1 with customers and we take this seriously. By offering a high level of support to our agents, we strive to achieve a positive outcome on every phone call. Through our mentoring and coaching techniques, we feel we give our agents the tools needed to succeed with Argo and fully represent your campaign.

What are your queue wait times?

Our average queue wait time is 30-45 seconds. We have a Tactical Operations Center constantly monitoring all metrics in real time to ensure queue times remain low.

What will be the frequency of reports sent?

Our standard daily reporting will include our Gate Call Detail or switch report. This report includes a separate line item for each call from the prior day in excel format. Connected Agent, disposition, timestamp, call end result, and recording URL are all fields on the report along with many more. You will be given recording logins in order to download the recordings from the links provided.

You will also receive a weekly report from your dedicated Account Executive showing a breakdown of performance for the week prior.

We also have built a link that reports hourly Service Levels for you. You can use this personalized web service to pull Service Levels for a date range, current day, and/or day prior. You can also export the reporting as you wish. This gives you access to SLA’s 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We always do our best to satisfy all of your reporting needs so, if something else is needed, please let us know.

What can you provide to our company that we may not have thought of?

A true partnership. Your Account Executive deep-dives into reporting with you and manages your campaign on a daily and hourly basis. Your success drives our success and without a long-lasting partnership with our clients, we would not be where we are today.

Charting Your Course To Success

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