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ARGO provides custom, partnered Healthcare solutions for Payers, Providers and Emerging Services. Our customized approach with each client enables end-to-end services for members, patients and affiliates to improve patient experience, revenues, NPS and Five Star ratings while reducing overall costs to serve. From comprehensive patient contact center services and telehealth support to back office claims and revenue cycle management – discover if ARGO can assist your operations.

A Healthcare Partner for Meaningful Results

ARGO helps you improve patient and member experiences as well as revenues and costs to optimize your business outcomes.

Expertise that delivers impact:

Optimize Your Outcomes

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Healthcare Managed Services

We help our clients help their members and patients.

ARGO provides our healthcare clients with greater innovation and services that improve member and patient experiences while enhancing revenues and reducing overall costs.


ARGO brings together best innovations in process improvement, technology, analytics and local to global people resources under our distinctive Managed Services approach. ARGO helps our clients by complementing their operations with the right people, skills, technology and innovative processes that enhance member and patient engagements. We work with you to expand services, positively impact Five Star ratings and reduce costs to serve across your points of care.

Making it easier for you. The ARGO team offers your organization a breadth of innovative patient management and back office capabilities leveraging our technology and diverse U.S. and global resources, including:

Why ARGO for Your Healthcare Operations?

Seasonal staff ramps up and down are hard on your contact center teams

Using a specialized outsourcing partner that is adept at seasonal ramps takes the hard impact of ramps, training, attrition and layoffs off of you and your team.

Improve patient experiences (PX) and member customer experience (CX)

A specialized outsource partner with healthcare experience can quickly handle all or part of your tier 1 member/patient queries and extend your hours of availability, allowing your team to manage more complex functions and providing an overall lift to member experience, CSAT and NPS. When automation plus live-agent are deployed, many improvements may also include a lower overall cost to serve.

Extend world-class, omnichannel reach to your patients and members

An innovative partner offers another great lift to your CX, by giving you the updated tech capabilities for patients, members and prospects to reach you across any contact channel – voice, email, chat, IVR, AI/automation, web, social –providing world-class capabilities and meeting your patients/members when, where and how they want to be in touch.

Reduce costs

Did you know that all of the above improvements are often packaged into inclusive rates that are much less expensive than corporations can do on their own? And without the headaches of managing resources to seasonal ramps, training, attrition, layoffs, etc. (Who needs that?)

Keep the best

Outside of peak season(s), a good partner can work with you to retain a smaller core team of their best agents, managers and tech capabilities to complement your ongoing operations and maintain those Five Star ratings!

Enhance your brand

A good outsource partner works with you to fill the gaps in your contact center, member/patient experience touches, technology, market reach and overall brand. They can bring all of the above benefits at a lower cost (it’s what they do) and collaborate for seasonal and long-term success. (So, what’s holding you back?)

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Healthcare Expertise

The depth of industry experience to collaborate, craft and enhance patient/member relationship management, customer experiences and back office programs that understand your operations and deliver Five Star results that positively impact your mission and goals.

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Right People

Right processes need right people for exceptional front-line engagement. From contact center and back office clinicians to RPM coaches and claims experts we deliver the right skilled personnel who are proud to serve your brand, patients, members and partners. Virtual and In-Center, American and U.S.-focused global operations that provide right skills, bilingual capabilities and continuous improvement for lower cost to serve.

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Transparency & Values

A promise of collaboration, transparency and proactive communication that build the strong partner relationships that weather the constant changes and challenges of business.

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Meaningful Tech & Innovation

Dynamic platform capabilities and patient engagement services that aren’t about technology hype. Rather, meaningful capabilities, automation and innovation that improve your operations. We work with you to determine the best innovations that elevates the more important human touch for improved member, patient or clinician customer experiences (CX), meaningful data and analytics, patient journey mapping, right processes and reporting that ensure mutual success for you and your patients and members.

Healthcare Markets and Core Contact Center Services


Core Services


Focused on discussing best practices with experts in the Healthcare provider space, the ARGO Healthcare Webinar series expanded on making better informed decisions while presenting state-of-the-art technologies and partnerships to help reduce costs while improve revenues and patient experience.

Contact us to discuss Healthcare best practices and to explore ways to improve patient/member experiences and related key business outcomes.

Frequently asked questions from Payers and Providers, answered by ARGO:

Certificate of PCI DSS Merchant Compliance; Contact Center Platform is Level 1 PCI Compliant and SOC2 certified; HIPAA Compliance. Some certifications may vary by geography and programs.

ARGO’s Healthcare portfolio provides broad services across healthcare payer (insurer) and provider communities with services ranging from tier 1 and 2 patient/member engagement to complex back office operations including eligibility, pre-authorizations, claims processing and revenue cycle management.  Further, ARGO management have helped to pioneer telehealth support and adoption as well as chronic care, patient discharge and remote patient engagement & coaching programs for some of Healthcare’s most recognized leaders. ARGO offers both clinical and non-clinical staff with highly experienced management to advance each client’s culture and objectives.

ARGO offers unique advantages of deep global management experience and strong healthcare domain practices, with the ability to provide boutique, customized solutions and collaborations with our clients well beyond standard industry practices. Few others offer the flexibility, customization and expertise that ARGO provides to each of our clients.

ARGO offers broad US services across ten (10) US States today with options for expansion depending on client needs. Further, ARGO’s managed services alliance extends in Central American, Mexico, Philippines, and across Europe with US Healthcare expertise and advantages across all geographies. Locations may be blended for efficiencies, yet our clients always benefit from ARGO’s centralized US account management, IT, support and executive leadership.

Yes, prior to the 2020 pandemic ARGO’s workforce was 60/40 virtual and in-center. Today that figure is >90%, with virtual agents across ten (10) U.S. States for flexible hours of service and skillsets. We have built and prefer a hub and spoke model of operations. Our remote workforce is strategically located within close proximity to our physical U.S. locations to enable on-site team meetings, team building, training, etc. when possible.  We also utilize innovative technologies to conduct virtual meetings, coaching and learning & development sessions. The Work at Home solutions are facilitated with the use of ARGO’s omnichannel Cloud Telephony and Order Management System. ARGO’s platforms of choice are Level 1 PCI Compliant Platform and engage the AWS Worldwide Platform, which is highly secure, yet accessible anywhere around the globe. This platform allows for a small footprint for both PC and networks requirements allowing for great flexibility.

Our robust contact center platform supports seamless integration with our clients’ systems.  Whether its third-party CRM platforms, multi-channel software integration or integrating our telephony and scripting with a client’s in-house CRM via virtual private network set up, ARGO works to make systems integration easy and effective.

COVID-19 Business Continuity — Immediate assistance to help with urgent business continuity needs, from platforms and automation to people who understand and seek to restore right operations and care. COVID-19 hotlines, special messaging and contact tracing are also available solutions.

An Innovative Patient Management Platform — Our goal has been to provide a thoughtful, dynamic and innovative platform to serve Providers, Payers, Patients and Partners. ARGO’s managed service platform is designed as an intuitive Patient Relationship Management system to address lifecycle healthcare touches, enhance the Patient experience, reduce costs and penalties, and improve Provider and Payer revenues. Cloud-based and secure, established interfaces and easy-to-manage with robust business insights and reporting.

RPM, Discharge & Chronic Care Coaching — Discharge and Chronic Care Remote Patient Monitoring and Coaching programs customized to suit superior value-based care: lower costs and better outcomes. ARGO can custom design discharge and chronic care workflows that engage patients on a clinical plan and can help manage better compliance. ARGO’s teams can also align to RPM programs from initial set up of monitoring devices, clinical plan reviews and engaged coaching for compliance and better results.

Telehealth Adoption & Support Programs — First visit adoption programs, including pre-calls with members/patients, to familiarize them with the process, technology and “what to expect” on their first telehealth visits. These pre-calls establish comfort, rapport and ease of use that have delivered >60% lift in repeat user adoption over prior practices. Further, most provider IT groups are already overwhelmed. ARGO can provide the on-demand technical support resources and processes required for better telehealth experiences.

HealthTech Tech Support — Ability to provide tier 0 (FAQs, self-service) to more complex tier 2 product support for healthtech devices and end users. Improved support via automation and enhanced human engagement.

Next Generation Scheduling – ARGO collaborates with our clients to design innovative and customized scheduling programs that centralize effective scheduling functions, applies automation and skilled live agent resources to reduce costs, extend hours of access and improve patient experiences and revenues.

Open Enrollment, Billing & Benefits — Flexible and scalable, HIPAA compliant teams to assist with Open Enrollment, Onboarding, Eligibility, and Billing query resolutions via calls, emails, chats, social or intelligent automation.

Medicare, Medicaid & PBM — Ability to serve key Member/Patient queries for Medicare, Medicaid and PBM requirements all within a compliant, continuous improvement environment.

After Hours Contact Center — Customized plans to support Members and Patients after regular services hours, with options for appointment setting, rescheduling, escalations, credentialing and more to elevate care and satisfaction well beyond the old and ineffective answering service model.

Affordable Clinicians and Bilingual Associates — ARGO offers clinicians (nurse staff), non-clinicians and bilingual associates across our U.S. and global resources – all HIPAA compliant and scalable at lower rates.