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We’re here to help. ARGO is a Business Process Innovator™ that specializes in the healthcare and telecom industries. Enhance your customer experience support and simplify back office processes by contacting us today.

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ARGO offers a wide range of solutions that deliver meaningful results to our Healthcare and Telecom partners:

  • Inbound & Outbound Omni-channel Customer Engagement
  • Back Office Services & Process Improvement
  • Scheduling, Eligibility and Pre-Registration
  • Member, Account and Billing Support
  • Customer Care, Accounts and Billing Support
  • Customized Customer Management Workflows
  • Product & Technical Support
  • Expertly Trained Customer Care Representatives Building Real Customer Relationships
  • Customer Analytics, Satisfaction CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS) Improvement
  • And Much More!


ARGO helps you improve patient and member experiences and reduce operating costs.

  • Up to 200% improvements in Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and 5 Star Ratings
  • Over 20% boost in retention rates
  • Over 30% improvement in patient/member satisfaction scores
  • Enhanced patient scheduling to increase appointments and adherence by 25% or more
  • >60% lift in repeat Telehealth user adoption
  • A commitment to meaningful innovation and continuous improvement for ongoing impact
  • Reduce patient/member churn by 50%


ARGO helps improve customer experience and optimize your business outcomes.

  • Increase FCR rate by >68%
  • Service Delivery: Faster Time to Revenue
  • Improve NPS/CSAT Scores by >180%
  • Greater Bus Intelligence for new Products
  • Proven, global telecom labor force
  • State-of-the-Industry Automation & Self Service
  • >40% improvement in agent productivity
  • Greater Subscriber loyalty & lifetime value

The ARGO Difference


ARGO’s robust, innovative customer management and back office capabilities, supported by our extensive worldwide experience, can improve your CX and revenues while reducing overall costs to serve.

Innovation Redefined

Beyond the buzz of AI, bots and analytics, ARGO employs the best of technology while delivering the human touch that is essential for exceptional customer experience.