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From chargeback management to back office support to returns and exchanges, we provide the solutions you need.


Chargeback Management

Prevent, Reduce, and Reverse!

Our dedicated Chargeback Management team employs an overarching strategy aimed to prevent and dramatically reduce the amount of chargebacks filed. While not all chargebacks can be prevented, they can be managed successfully and reversed at an extremely high rate. We offer complete transparency by providing a live online dashboard for brand visibility, resolution trackers, and emergency notifications.

Argo takes pride in the concierge level of service provided to all of our valued clients. Our dedicated processing team acts as an extension of your organization, processing chargebacks real-time and providing dedicated support 24/7.

  • Timely and successful chargeback representation
  • Thorough investigation for each case
  • Unique responses specific to merchant requirements including:
    • IP Verification & Fraud Screening
    • Sales & Customer Service Recording Detail
  • Daily resolution follow-up ensuring resolutions on each case represented

We work directly with banks worldwide, giving us the ability to refund the mutual customers prior to a chargeback being filed. We have multiple programs in place in which we can stop up to 30% of chargebacks prior to being issued. In preventing these disputes, this not only aids in overall chargeback ratios but we are able to pass these savings on to you!

Returns, Refunds, & Exchanges

Need a refund issued for a returned item? Or does your customer need an exchange made for a product that was received? Argo has the solution! Our team handles returns, refunds, and exchanges on your behalf while working directly with your fulfillment vendor and merchant processors.

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