Customer Acquisition Services

Need to improve your ROI?

We are experts in generating not only sales but happy customers that will drive additional revenue to your bottom line.


When you need to acquire customers, Argo’s experience, expertise, and customer acquisition services are known worldwide. With over a decade of experience managing and handling inbound sales calls from a variety of mediums, we know what it takes to have a successful and profitable direct response driven campaign.

As an inbound direct response call center, we understand the importance of new customer acquisitions and happy, loyal customers. Our dedicated sales team provides you with top-level results and unparalleled performance. ¬†When handling inbound calls generated from a Direct Response ad, Argo’s communicators will drive revenue to your bottom line through new customer acquisitions.

If you are looking for a customer engagement center that pioneered the sales cycle and can consistently apply it with the best communicators in the industry, rest assured that you have our full attention! Argo strives to exceed expectations in every facet of our business. You can expect us to be answering phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


At Argo, we understand that every call and website hit is valuable and deserves focused attention. We implement cost-effective and profit-driven recovery programs that utilize outbound dialing to your non-buyers and inactive customer database. We not only recover lost up-front revenue but also build a database of customers that can be marketed to again in the future.

We’ve also pioneered the art of integrating outbound sales communicators and CRM/shopping cart technology with real-time web partial data that’s called within fifteen minutes of generation.

Our outbound team is committed to monetizing on lost opportunities and driving additional revenue to your bottom line.

Things you need that we have...
  • Real-time credit card authorization and file export
  • The most advanced system visibility and monitoring in the industry (contact us for a demo!)
  • Comprehensive real-time dashboards and reporting suite
  • Build in quality assurance dashboard and agent scoring platform
  • Dynamic agent priority routing
  • Upsell and cross sell revenue sharing

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