Lead Generation

Total Brand Alignment

Our customized lead generation campaigns are designed to ensure your business is represented in a consistent and engaging way.

What we do

Argo Contact Centers has been setting the standard in the lead generation contact center industry for over a decade. We believe that your brand needs to be represented perfectly on every customer interaction, yielding the most optimal results. That’s what we do. Whether it’s conveying empathy, knowledge, or advice to your perspective customers, we mold our efforts and training around your needs, not ours.

Regardless of the media through which calls and email inquiries are generated, we understand what it takes to support a successful lead generation campaign. Our dedicated teams will provide you with top-level results and unparalleled performance whether your campaign involves appointment setting, co-registering leads, or pre-qualifying leads.

Some Verticals We Work With




Home services


Medical device


Tax Assessment

Dedicated Teams

When handling inbound calls generated from a lead generation campaign, communicators at Argo are true experts in not only capturing the lead but also generating happy prospects and helping to drive additional revenue to the bottom line.

Charting Your Course To Success

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